Not Just Talk. Real Dialogue.
Collaborative healthcare tools that deliver effective behavior change
Modify Behavior. Shift the Cost Curve.
Behavioral modification can significantly reduce occurrence of catastrophic health events and costly hospital readmissions for patients with chronic conditions.
Samepage gives frontline clinicians the resources to effectively collaborate on a behavior change plan with their patients and track outcomes until the job is done.
Clinically Proven
Science-backed methods developed by behavioral scientists and chronic care providers.
User-friendly online tools that make behavior change approaches more widely available for clinicians and patients.
Cost Effective
Reimbursable services under new CPT billing codes being revised in 2015.
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HIPAA-compliant SaaS-based tools that can also integrate with EMR systems and patient portals.
Planned Health Visits. Meaningful Change Between Visits.
Better results using proven methods...
Our tools help patients and clinicians find and open up to new opportunities during healthcare visits, and close the loop on making healthy change between visits.
Samepage tools use clinically proven methods that reduce visit length, reduce hospital days and improve depression, diabetic glucose control and treatment adherence.

We make change a little easier

Samepage Training. Samepage Services.
Dr. Ciechanowski and the Samepage team are official trainers of University of Washington’s TEAMcare™ program that serves as a turnkey solution for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH). TEAMcare is now used in over 30 sites in the U.S., Canada and India. This cost-effective program helps to empower patients and help them make lasting changes in health behaviors.
Dr. Ciechanowski was a co-investigator with the team that developed this program and their clinical trial has shown that TEAMcare leads to significant improvements in blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and depression, with only one care manager per patient. Furthermore, this program has been shown to reduce costs, with savings of $600 to $1100 per patient over two years.
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Samepage ChangePath supports the delivery of TEAMcare. For a TEAMcare training in your area, please contact us for more information.
Samepage Collaborative Care
Patients were enrolled into the Samepage Multi Condition Collaborative Care program implemented by Samepage in a large Health Delivery Network. Patients had an average of 9.6 chronic conditions and the majority had depression and out-of-target diabetes or hypertension. Mean age was 60.8 years old; 57% were female; 46% were white. Patients were enrolled for a median duration of 16.7 weeks.
Patients received collaborative care from nurse case managers for addressing multiple out-of-target conditions, based on established methods, and consisted of:
  • Systematic case review (SCR)
  • Treat-to-target clinical methodology
  • Integrated communication with primary care
  • Behavioral health strategies
95% of contacts were telephonic & 5% in-person.

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Samepage Team
Samepage, Inc. is a Seattle-based healthcare technology company founded by Dr. Paul Ciechanowski, who led the development of Samepage tools based on his extensive scientific work in developing and disseminating care management and behavioral change interventions in healthcare settings nationally.
In addition to receiving a National Institutes of Health Career Development Award addressing patient engagement and healthcare communication, Dr. Paul has been on the “front lines” treating patients with multiple conditions as Head of Behavioral Health at the University of Washington’s Diabetes Care Center for almost two decades.
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